Educational Activities



The Education Subgroup of AYR provides leadership for the development, organization and promotion of all the AYR educational activities. The objectives are to enhance the clinical and scientific knowledge of AYR and to promote research interests to aspiring young rheumatologists and trainees. A collaborative relationship has been built between APLAR and EULAR with an aim to improve the learning and training opportunities of AYR.

The first APLAR Young Rheumatologists symposium and trainee preceptorship session was held in Brisbane, during APLAR congress 2019 with the participation by both trainees and consultants.


AYR Symposium

The first AYR symposium was launched in APLAR Congress 2019 in Brisbane. The program covered a wide range of educational themes that are dedicated to the young rheumatologists and trainees. This symposium will be held annually as part of the AYR educational activities.


APLAR-EULAR School of Rheumatology

This program is only applicable to AYR members. APLAR will fund up to 100 applications for EULAR School of Rheumatology membership and EULAR will give 50% discount off the regular online course price to all AYR successful applicants.


APLAR-EULAR Exchange Program

This program supports young academic rheumatologists to travel from Asia Pacific to Europe to experience the EULAR Annual Congress, engage in a 1.5-day exchange program with European colleagues at the Annual Congress and participate in a site visit at a local institution. Travel grant will be awarded upon completion of the program.